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History of APL

by Chris Langreiter last modified 2011-03-13 09:36

Lee Courtney, co-editor
Christian Langreiter, co-editor


The goal of this project is to locate, preserve, and publish source code, design documents, technical notes, books, recorded talks and other materials concerning the genesis, development, evolution, implementation, application and influences of A Programming Language.

Please contact us with any suggestions, questions, comments, or potential donations of documentation, notes, personal papers, books or software related to APL.


Location for APL code - APL implementations, APL applications, workspaces, and any other material related to realization or use of APL as a programming language and environment. Includes source code for implementations and application programs, any tools needed to management such examples, simulators and emulators, and references to the use thereof.


Scans of books related to the implementation, use, history, and influences of APL. Publications in this section include academic texts (e.g. Iverson's 1962 Book "A Programming Language"), vendor language manuals (e.g. " Xerox APL Language and Operations Reference Manual"), books describing application of APL (e.g. " Management Applications in APL"), or implementation references.


Scans of influential papers describing APL implementations, applications, historical influences, etc.


The Origins of APL. A collection of three movies in which APL pioneers (Ken Iverson, Adin Falkoff, Larry Breed, Phil Abrams, Roger Moore, Roy Sykes, Herb Hellerman, John MacPherson, Eugene McDonnell, Garth Foster) remember the early days in the development of APL. Available on DVD from the BAA. (@@work w/ sjt to make available online)

Correspondence and memoranda

Personal papers and corporate material related to the history of APL.

Interviews and biographies

Links to or media files containing interviews with and biographies of significant contributors to APL.

Memoirs and user stories

Your story here!


Scans of photographs related to APL - people, places, machines.

Additional Resources

  • A Celebration of Kenneth Eugene Iverson.


All scans are encoded as PDF files, with appropriate search-terms encoded as meta-data in the Document Properties.

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