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by Paul McJones last modified 2010-11-27 20:08
I'm a member of the Software Preservation Group, and have been working on a FORTRAN project to collect source code and documents from the early history of the FORTRAN programming language and also LISP, ALGOL, C++, PAL, and Mesa projects for the corresponding programming languages. I maintain a blog called Dusty Decks where I chronicle my collection activities; you can email me at Other software history projects that I've been involved with include:
  • a System R web site for the IBM research project that gave birth to the SQL query language, query optimization techniques and transaction semantics that give modern database systems their performance and expressiveness.
  • a Cal TSS web site for the U.C. Berkeley research project that built one of the first capability-oriented operating systems.
  • the online IBM Stretch Collection of documents donated by Harwood Kolsky to the Computer History Museum.
Here is additional information about me.

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