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Help using the SPG web site

by Michael L Powell last modified 2007-02-20 08:47

Here are some tips about using the Software Preservation Group web site.


The tabs (home, projects, about the spg, etc.) across the top of the page organize the content into major categories.  Click on the tab to go to the category.

Browsing and Searching

The box labeled navigation at the upper left of the page shows the hierarchical view of the web site.  You can browse into the folders by clicking on them.

The search box at the upper right of the page allows you to search the content of the web site.  Normally, only web content is searchable.  Unless they have been converted to web documents, source code files will not be indexed. Descriptions of binary or source files can be searched.

Plone and Zope

This web site uses Plone, an open-source content management system. Plone runs on Zope,  an open-source application server. Together, they allow the Computer History Museum to create multiple websites where groups of people can work together to create web content.

Here's a link to an online version of The Definitive Guide to Plone

Here's a link to the Plone development website

Here is a link to an online version of The Zope Book

Here is a link to the Zope development website

Problems or Questions

If you have problems using the web site or technical questions, use the form here to send us a message.

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