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Multics tapes 2006-02-11.txt

by Michael L Powell last modified 2006-04-26 18:12

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2006-02-11: Computer History Museum Multics Tapes

This directory contains Multics Release tapes for MR12.3,
MR12.4, and   MR12.5, plus 3 T&D tapes from the Computer History

These are believed to be tapes that came to the Museum along
with the NSA Dockmaster Multics system.  They were originally
read by Al Kossow and then interpreted by custom software
written by Peter Flass (in mid-2004).  

They were reinterpreted by Olin Sibert using mxload in 2006.

Note that there are several different versions of the data on
most of these tapes (the dump format tapes), as they have been
converted to two formats and interpreted two different ways as
Multics data.  The boot and T&D tapes are available only in
their original SIMH format.

  Text file mapping the tape reel numbers to contents,
  apparently based on the physical (paper) tape labels.

  Text file describing the tape contents, apparently based on
  having read the tapes.

  Output from rnuning "multicsrestore" on the tape images.

  REXX scripts for running "multicsrestore"

  Original SIMH-format tape images. named by reel numbers.

  Original tape images converted to "stream" format for use by
  mxload, plus mxmap map output for each tape that's a dump
  tape.  Conversion with "simh_to_stream" (see mhp\taepe\\tools).

  ZIP files containing the hierarchies produced by running 
  "mutlicsrestore" on the dump-format tapes, organized by
  combining all the tapes for each release into a single
  directory.  These are roughly equivalent to the trees in  

  Hierarchies produced by running "mxload" on the dump-format
  tapes.  Archives are unpacked.  Loading yielded the following
  subtree sizes (in KBytes):

    182570  ./mr12.3 (ALL)
    8366    ./mr12.3/documentation
    138441  ./mr12.3/library_dir_dir
    2318    ./mr12.3/system_library_3rd_party
    24      ./mr12.3/system_library_obsolete
    235     ./mr12.3/system_library_standard
    13848   ./mr12.3/system_library_tandd
    1089    ./mr12.3/system_library_tools
    11697   ./mr12.3/system_library_unbundled

    17310   ./mr12.4 (ALL)
    1993    ./mr12.4/documentation
    14917   ./mr12.4/library_dir_dir

    57794   ./mr12.5 (ALL)
    1628    ./mr12.5/documentation
    54969   ./mr12.5/library_dir_dir

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