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by Paul McJones last modified 2005-06-01 20:10
$*     FORTRAN II PROCESSOR, 7090-FO-928                                00000020
$*     VERSION 3, MODIFICATION LEVEL 35                             (35)00000030
$EXECUTE       IBSFAP                                                  $00000050
*      FORTRAN II MONITOR              DUMP RECORD                      F0B00000
*      FAP                                                              F0B00020
*      FORTRAN II MONITOR              DUMP RECORD                      F0B00030
       COUNT   1300                                                     F0B00040
       LBL     9F02,M                                                   F0B00050
       REM                                                              F0B00060
       SST     FORTRAN                                                 $F0B00070
       REM                                                              F0B00080
       ABS                                                              F0B00090
       REM                                                              F0B00100
       ORG     SYSCUR                                                   F0B00110
       BCI     1,9F0200                                                 F0B00120
       ORG     (LODR)                                                   F0B00130
       TXI     START,,20                                                F0B00140
       TITLE                                                           $F0B00150
SAVTAP SYN     FINTAP                                                   F0B00160
OUTTAP SYN     MLSTAP                                                   F0B00170
ORGDP  EQU     BOTIOP-1600                                              F0B00180
  SAVL EQU     -ORGDP                                                  $F0B00190
SAVE   EQU     ORGDP-SAVL                                               F0B00200
SIZE   EQU     31                                                   (22)F0B00210
       REM                                                              F0B00220
       ORG     ORGDP+7                                                 *F0B00230
       REM                                                              F0B00240
       REM                                                              F0B00250
       REM   **** PANEL SAVE ****                                       F0B00260
       REM                                                              F0B00270
 START LXD     (PGCT),1       SET FOR RIGHT NUMBER                     *F0B00280
       TXI     *+1,1,2       OF LINES                                  *F0B00290
       SXD     H-2,1         PER PAGE.                                 *F0B00300
       SXD     CNT+3,1                                                 *F0B00310
       LXD     BOTTOM-6,1                                               F0B00320
       SXD     LIMIT-19,1         SAVE X1                              $F0B00330
       AXT     ,0                                                   (22)F0B00340
       LXA     BOTTOM-8,2                                               F0B00350
       SXD     LIMIT-18,2         SAVE X2                              $F0B00360
       LXD     BOTTOM-8,4                                               F0B00370
       TRA     PCH3               TEST TAG MODE.                       $F0B00380
       LDQ     BOTTOM-10                                                F0B00390
       STQ     LIMIT-7                                                  F0B00400
       LDI     BOTTOM-11                                                F0B00410
       STI     LIMIT-4                                                  F0B00420
       LDI     BOTTOM-5                                             (22)F0B00430
       ENK                                                              F0B00440
       STQ     LIMIT-1       PANEL KEYS                                 F0B00450
       AXT     4,1                                                      F0B00460
       STZ     LIMIT-8,1     LIMIT-9 SET NONZERO IF OVERFLOW IND ON.    F0B00470
       XEC   GARBG,1         LIMIT-10 SET NONZERO IF I/O CHECK ON,      F0B00480
       STL     LIMIT-8,1     LIMIT-11 SET NONZERO IF DIVIDE CHECK ON,   F0B00490
       TRA     PANEL         DUMP THE PANEL                         (22)F0B00510
       LFT     10            TRAP MODE                              (22)F0B00520
       LFT     4             DIVIDE CHECK                           (22)F0B00530
       LFT     2             I/O CHECK                              (22)F0B00540
       LFT     1             OVERFLOW                               (22)F0B00550
 GARBG BSS     0                                                        F0B00560
       REM                                                              F0B00570
       REM   **** SET UP PANEL ****                                     F0B00580
       REM                                                              F0B00590
 PANEL BSS   0                                                          F0B00600
       LDQ     BOTTOM-9       SIGN AND BITS 1 35 IN MQ.                 F0B00610
       CAL     BOTTOM-8       JUNK IN BIT P, Q IN 1 , P IN 2            F0B00620
       LLS     0              PUT SIGN OF AC IN SIGN OF AC.             F0B00630
       ALS     1              JUNK IN Q, Q IN P, P IN 1.                F0B00640
       LDI     MNSO                                                     F0B00650
       PBT                    TEST Q BIT IN P.                          F0B00660
       LDI     MNSZ                                                     F0B00670
       TMI     *+2            TEST SIGN                                 F0B00680
       OSI     PLUS                                                     F0B00690
       STI     BUF2          SET FOR OUTPUT.                            F0B00700
       ARS     34             JUNK IN 33, Q IN 34, P IN 35.             F0B00710
       LLS     35             SHIFT INTO THE AC FROM THE MQ            $F0B00720
       SLW     LIMIT-3                                                  F0B00730
       LRS     2                                                        F0B00740
       STO     LIMIT-2                                                  F0B00750
       LLS     2                                                        F0B00760
       XCL                                                              F0B00770
       TSX     CNVT,1        GO CONVERT TO BCD.                         F0B00780
       STI     BUF2+1        ACCUMULATOR.                               F0B00790
       SLW     BUF2+2                                                   F0B00800
       AXT     9,4                                                      F0B00810
 A     LDQ     LIMIT+2,4                                                F0B00820
       TSX     CNVT,1        CONVERT MQ, SENSE INDICATORS, AND          F0B00830
       SLW     BUF2+14,4     PANEL KEYS TO BCD. STORE RIGHT HALF.       F0B00840
       CAL     MINUS         PICK UP BCD MINUS.                         F0B00850
       LNT     40000         IS S BIT ON.                               F0B00860
       ORA     BLK           NO, SET AC TO BLANK.                       F0B00870
       SLW     BUF2+12,4     YES, STORE MINUS.                          F0B00880
       RIL     40000         REMOVE S BIT.                              F0B00890
       STI     BUF2+13,4     STORE LEFT HALF.                           F0B00900
       TIX     A,4,3                                                    F0B00910
       TSX     (TAPE),4           WRITE OUT FIRST LINE                 $F0B00920
       PZE     DSU1,,(WDNC)       TO GAIN BUFFER SPACE.                $F0B00930
       PZE     ,,OUTTAP           .                                    $F0B00940
       AXT     20,4               .                                    $F0B00950
       LDI     BLK                BLANK                                $F0B00960
       STI     BUF+20,4           THIS AND                             $F0B00970
       STI     BUF1+20,4          ANOTHER BUFFER.                      $F0B00980
       TIX     *-2,4,1            .                                    $F0B00990
 ICV   AXT     7,2                CONVERT                              $F0B01000
       AXT     8,4                INDEX                                $F0B01010
 ICV1  CAL     LIMIT-12,2         REGISTERS                            $F0B01020
 ICV2  PDX     0,1                STRAIGHT AND COMPLEMENTED.           $F0B01030
       PXD     0,1                .                                    $F0B01040
       XCL                        .                                    $F0B01050
       AXT     6,1                .                                    $F0B01060
       ALS     3                  .                                    $F0B01070
       LGL     3                  .                                    $F0B01080
       TIX     *-2,1,1            .                                    $F0B01090
 ICV3  AXT     4,1                SET BUFFER POINTER,                  $F0B01100
       STI*    PCH5+4,1           STORE BLANK AND                      $F0B01110
       TXI     PTCH4,4,-1         MOVE TO NEW FRONTIERS...             $F0B01120
       AXT     4,1                                                      F0B01130
       AXT     4,2                                                      F0B01140
 C     CAL     OFF                                                      F0B01150
       ZET     LIMIT-8,1     ON-OFF TRAPPING MODE, DIVIDE CHECK,        F0B01160
       CAL     ON            I/O CHECK, OVERFLOW.                       F0B01170
       SLW     BUF1+4,1                                                 F0B01180
       TIX     C,1,1                                                    F0B01190
 D     CAL     OFF                                                      F0B01200
       SLT     5,2           STATUS OF SENSE LIGHTS AND TURN ON AGAIN   F0B01210
       TRA     *+3           IF THEY WERE ON.                           F0B01220
       CAL     ON                                                       F0B01230
       SLN     5,2                                                      F0B01240
       SLW     BUF1+8,2           .                                    $F0B01250
       TIX     D,2,1                                                    F0B01260
       AXT     6,1                                                      F0B01270
 E     CAL     ON            STATUS OF SENSE SWITCHES.                  F0B01280
       PSE     119,1                                                    F0B01290
       CAL     OFF                                                      F0B01300
       SLW     BUF1+14,1          .                                    $F0B01310
       TIX     E,1,1                                                    F0B01320
       AXT     2,4                SET SL2 FOR ERROR RECORD.            $F0B01330
       AXT     6,1                .                                    $F0B01340
       STI     BUF3+12,1          BLANK OUT REMAINDER.                 $F0B01350
       TIX     *-1,1,1                                                  F0B01360
       LDQ     LIMIT-3                                                  F0B01370
       CLA     LIMIT-2                                                  F0B01380
       LRS     0                                                        F0B01390
       AXT     6,2                                                      F0B01400
 FAQ   TSX     FPT,1         FLOATING POINT ACCUMULATOR AND MQ.         F0B01410
               0                                                        F0B01420
       SLW     BUF3+8,2                                                 F0B01430
       CAL     MINUS                                                    F0B01440
       LNT     40000                                                    F0B01450
       ORA     BLK                                                      F0B01460
       SLW     BUF3+6,2                                                 F0B01470
       RIL     40000                                                    F0B01480
       STI     BUF3+7,2                                                 F0B01490
       LDQ     LIMIT-7                                                  F0B01500
       TIX     FAQ,2,3                                                  F0B01510
       TRA     RETRN-1                                              (22)F0B01520
PTCH4  SSM                        ...PREPARE NEGATIVE WORD             $F0B01530
       TXL     *+2,1,2            FOR COMPLEMENTED INDEX REGISTER,     $F0B01540
       ORA     OBLK               OR POSITIVE WORD,                    $F0B01550
       STO*    PCH5+4,1           AND + REQUIESCANT IN PACEM +         $F0B01560
 ICV4  TXH     *+3,2,**           .                                    $F0B01570
       TXH     *+2,2,4            IF COMPUTER IS IN MULT. TAG          $F0B01580
       STI*    PCH5+4,1           MODE, STORE BLANKS FOR ADDED IR*S,   $F0B01590
       TIX     PCH4+2,4,1         PROCEED AGAIN                        $F0B01600
       TXI     PCH4,1,-1          TO MORE PATCH SPACE, AND ...         $F0B01610
 DSU1  IORT    DUMP1,,20          .                                    $F0B01620
       PZE                        NOT USED                             $F0B01630
       LXD     LIMIT-16,3                                           (22)F0B01640
RETRN  SXA     (MSLN),4           MACHINE ERROR RECORD.             (22)F0B01650
       REM                                                              F0B01660
       REM   **** WRITE PANEL AND EXAMINE CONTROL WORDS ****            F0B01670
       REM                                                              F0B01680
       CLA*    (LNCT)        UPDATE COUNT OF                        (22)F0B01690
       ADD     L(5)          LINES OF OUTPUT                        (22)F0B01700
       STO*    (LNCT)                                               (22)F0B01710
       TRA     *+2                                                  (22)F0B01720
       PZE                   NOT USED                               (22)F0B01730
       REM *****                                                        F0B01740
 WRPAN TRA     PCH2           GO WRITE OUT PANEL                       $F0B01750
       LDI     BLK                TO GIVE LINE                         $F0B01760
       STI     BUF+24             A CHARMING LOOK.                     $F0B01770
       CAL     FDUMP                                                    F0B01780
       SLW     TEMP                                                     F0B01790
       REM *****                                                        F0B01800
       CLA     BOTTOM-8       PICK UP SIGN BIT TO FIND IF CALL IS       F0B01810
       TMI     PDUMP+1        COMING FROM DUMP OR PDUMP.                F0B01820
 PDUMP STL     TEMP+6         SET PDUMP FLAG.                           F0B01830
       REM *****                                                        F0B01840
       TSX     (TAPE),4      SPACE SAVING TAPE                          F0B01850
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  TO PARAMETER RECORD.                       F0B01860
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B01870
       REM *****                                                        F0B01880
       TSX     (TAPE),4      READ                                       F0B01890
       PZE     NDIO,,(RBNP)  PARAMETERS.                                F0B01900
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B01910
       REM *****                                                        F0B01920
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION                                 F0B01930
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE.                               F0B01940
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B01950
 DUMP  LXA     TEMP+5,2      GET INDEX FOR NEXT PARAMETERS.             F0B01960
       TXL     *+3,2,0       IS THIS FIRST SET.                         F0B01970
       SXA     CNT,4                                                    F0B01990
       ZET     TEMP+9        IS THERE ANOTHER DUMP PORTION.             F0B02000
       TRA     RSR           NO, NO MORE DUMPING.                       F0B02010
       TXI     *+1,2,1       YES.                                       F0B02020
       CLA     END,2         SELECT FIRST LIMIT OF DUMP PORTION.        F0B02030
       SXA     TEMP+5,2                                                 F0B02040
       TZE     TRSR          IS 1ST LIMIT ZERO.                         F0B02050
       STL     TEMP+10       NO, SET INDICATOR TO LOOK FOR MORE.        F0B02060
       XCL                   PARAMETERS AND SAVE LIMIT IN MQ.           F0B02070
       TXI     *+1,2,1                                                  F0B02080
       CLA     END,2         SELECT SECOND LIMIT OF DUMP PORTION.       F0B02090
       TZE   FERR            BAD CALLING SEQUENCE.                      F0B02100
       TLQ     *+2           PUT LOWER LIMIT                            F0B02110
       TRA     *+2           IN AC,                                     F0B02120
       XCL                   UPPER IN MQ,                               F0B02130
       RQL     18            AND THEN LOWER IN DECREMENT AND            F0B02140
       LGL     18            UPPER IN ADDRESS                           F0B02150
       SLW     TEMP          OF TEMP.                                   F0B02160
       TXI     *+1,2,1                                                  F0B02170
       CLA     END,2         SELECT FORMAT-SPECIFYING ARGUMENT.         F0B02180
       TNZ     *+2           3RD ARGUMENT CAN BE MISSING ONLY ON        F0B02190
       PAX     0,4           MORE AFTER THIS.                           F0B02210
       TXL     GON,4,3                                                  F0B02220
       PDX     0,4           FORTRAN PUTS FIXED POINT NO. IN DECR.      F0B02230
       TXH     FERR,4,3      ILLEGAL FORMAT SPECIFIER.                  F0B02240
 GON   SXA     TEMP+11,4     SAVE FORMAT NUMBER.                        F0B02250
       SXA     TEMP+5,2                                                 F0B02260
       REM                                                              F0B02270
       REM                                                              F0B02290
 CONT  CAL     TEMP                                                     F0B02300
       PAC     0,2           COMPLIMENT UPPER LIMIT,                    F0B02310
       TXI     *+1,2,-1      BUMP DOWN,                                 F0B02320
       SXA     TEMP+3,2      AND SAVE.                                  F0B02330
       PDC     0,2           COMPLIMENT LOWER LIMIT,                    F0B02340
 DFA   SXA     *+1,2         RECOMPLIMENT                               F0B02350
       AXC     0,1           INTO XRA,                                  F0B02360
       SXD     DFF2,1        SET DECREMENT,                             F0B02370
       SXA     TEMP+4,1      AND SAVE.                                  F0B02380
DFA1   TXH     *+3,2,0       IS LOWER LIMIT ZERO.                       F0B02400
       CAL     0,2           YES, PICK UP FIRST WORD OF DUMP,           F0B02410
       TRA     DFA2+1        AND GO AROUND OTHER TESTS.                 F0B02420
       CAL     0,2           NO, PICK UP FIRST WORD OF DUMP.            F0B02440
DFA2   TXL     DFB,2,-SAVE   IS LOWER LIMIT IN BUFFER.                  F0B02450
       ERA     0,2           NO, TEST FOR DUPLICATE WORDS.              F0B02460
       TNZ     DFF           IF NOT DUPLICATE, TRANSFER.                F0B02470
       PXA     0,2           IS THIS LAST                               F0B02480
       SUB     TEMP+3        WORD OF DUMP PORTION.                      F0B02490
       TZE     DFF                                                      F0B02500
       CAL     0,2           NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD                      F0B02510
       TXI     DFA2,2,-1     AND GO BACK.                               F0B02520
 DFB   NZT     TEMP+1        IS UPPER CORE IN BUFFER.                   F0B02530
       TRA     DFB1-1        NO.                                        F0B02540
       REM *****                                                        F0B02550
       TSX     (TAPE),4      YES, RESTORE                               F0B02560
       PZE     IORT,,(RBNP)  BUFFER.                                    F0B02570
       PZE     S2L,,SAVTAP                                              F0B02580
       REM *****                                                        F0B02590
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION                                 F0B02600
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE.                               F0B02610
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B02620
       STZ     TEMP+1        INDICATE BUFFER IS RESTORED.               F0B02630
DFB1   TXL     DFC,2,-ORGDP  IS IT IN DUMP RECORD AREA.                 F0B02640
       ERA     0,2           NO, TEST FOR DUPLICATE WORDS.              F0B02650
       TNZ     DFF           TRA IF NO DUPLICATES.                      F0B02660
       PXA     0,2           IS THIS LAST                               F0B02670
       SUB     TEMP+3        WORD OF                                    F0B02680
       TZE     DFF           DUMP PORTION.                              F0B02690
       CAL     0,2           NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD                      F0B02700
       TXI     DFB1,2,-1     AND GO BACK.                               F0B02710
DFC3   CAL     ORGDP,2       PICK UP NEXT WORD.                         F0B02720
 DFC   ZET     TEMP+8        IS BUFFER ON SAVING TAPE.                  F0B02730
       TRA     DFC1          YES.                                       F0B02740
       REM *****                                                        F0B02750
       TSX     (TAPE),4      NO, SAVE BUFFER.                           F0B02760
       PZE     IORT,,(WBNP)                                             F0B02770
       PZE     S2L,,SAVTAP                                              F0B02780
       REM *****                                                        F0B02790
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION                                 F0B02800
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE.                               F0B02810
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B02820
       STL     TEMP+8        INDICATE BUFFER HAS BEEN SAVED.            F0B02830
 DFC1  ZET     TEMP+1        IS UPPER CORE IN BUFFER.                   F0B02840
       TRA     DFC2          YES.                                       F0B02850
       REM *****                                                        F0B02860
       TSX     (TAPE),4      NO, POSITION                               F0B02870
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE                                F0B02880
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP      AND                                        F0B02890
       REM *****                                                        F0B02900
       TSX     (TAPE),4      READ 1ST SAVING DUMP                       F0B02910
       PZE     IORT,,(RBNC)  (UPPER CORE) INTO                          F0B02920
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP      BUFFER.                                    F0B02930
       STL     TEMP+1        INDICATE UPPER CORE IS IN BUFFER.          F0B02940
DFC2   TXH     *+2,2,0       IS THIS END CORE.                          F0B02950
       TXI     DFE,2,1       YES, RESET XR AND GO TO WRITE DUPES.       F0B02960
       ERA     -SAVL,2        TEST FOR DUPE WORDS                      *F0B02970
       TNZ     DFE1          TRA IF NOT DUPES.                          F0B02980
       PXA     0,2           IS THIS LAST                               F0B02990
       SUB     TEMP+3        WORD OF THIS                               F0B03000
       TZE     DFE           DUMP PORTION.                              F0B03010
       CAL     -SAVL,2        NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD                    *F0B03020
       TXI     DFC2,2,-1     AND GO BACK.                               F0B03030
       TRA     DFF1                                                     F0B03050
 DFE1  ERA     -SAVL,2        RESTORE AC TO LAST DUPE WORD             *F0B03060
       XCL                   AND SAVE IN MQ.                            F0B03070
       TRA     DFF2                                                     F0B03080
 DFF1  XCA                   SAVE IN MQ.                                F0B03100
       REM                   HAS INDEX OF LOC STARTED WITH FOR THIS TESTF0B03120
       SXA     *+1,2                                                    F0B03130
       AXC     0,2           COMPLIMENT TO GET TRUE DUPE WORD COUNT.    F0B03140
       PXA     0,2                                                      F0B03150
       ARS     3             DIVIDE WORD COUNT                          F0B03160
       ALS     3             BY EIGHT.                                  F0B03170
       PAC     0,2           PICK UP COMPLIMENT OF HIGHEST NO. OF       F0B03180
       REM                   DUPES DIVISIBLE BY EIGHT.                  F0B03190
DFF2A  TXI     *+1,2,0       ADD LOWER LIMIT TO GET LAST LOC (COMPL).   F0B03200
       TZE     TEST          IS NO. OF DUPE WORDS MORE THAN 7.          F0B03210
       AXT     36,4          YES.                                       F0B03220
       LXA     TEMP+11,1     PICK UP FORMAT PARAM (0 IS OCTAL           F0B03230
       TRA     *+4,1         WITHOUT MNEMONICS, 1 OS FLOATING PT., 2 IS F0B03240
       TRA     *+3           DECIMAL INTEGER -DECREMENT ONLY, AND 3     F0B03250
       TSX     INT,1         IS OCTAL WITH MNEMONICS), AND              F0B03260
       TSX     FPT,1         CONVERT ACCORDINGLY.                       F0B03270
       TSX     CNVT,1                                                   F0B03280
       SLW     DFBB+14                                                  F0B03290
       CAL     MINUS         IF BIT ONE WAS NOT ZERO,                   F0B03300
       LNT     40000         SET THE CONVERTED WORD                     F0B03310
       ORA     LBLK          TO MINUS.                                  F0B03320
       SLW     DFBB+12                                                  F0B03330
       RIL     40000         TAKE OUT BIT ONE.                          F0B03340
       STI     DFBB+13                                                  F0B03350
       CAL     TEMP+4        PICK UP BEGINNING LOC FOR THIS             F0B03360
       LGR     15            SET OF DUPE WORDS.                         F0B03370
       CLM                   CONVERT                                    F0B03380
       LGR     3             TO                                         F0B03390
       ALS     3             BCD                                        F0B03400
       LGL     3             AND                                        F0B03410
       TIX     *-2,4,6       STORE.                                     F0B03420
       ORA     OBLK                                                     F0B03430
       SLW     DFBB+7                                                   F0B03440
       PXA     0,2           GET TRUE                                   F0B03450
       PAC     0,1           LOCATION  OF                               F0B03460
       TXI     *+1,1,-1      LAST DUPE                                  F0B03470
       PXA     0,1           WORD,                                      F0B03480
       LGR     15            CONVERT TO                                 F0B03490
       CLM                   BCD                                        F0B03500
       LGR     3             AND                                        F0B03510
       ALS     3             STORE.                                     F0B03520
       LGL     3                                                        F0B03530
       TIX     *-2,4,1                                                  F0B03540
       LGL     6                                                        F0B03550
       ORA     LBLK                                                     F0B03560
       SLW     DFBB+9                                                   F0B03570
 CNT   AXT     8,4           TEST TO SEE IF                             F0B03580
       TXI     *+1,4,2       CURRENT                                    F0B03590
       CAL     HZR           PAGE                                       F0B03600
       TNX     *+2,4,60      IS FULL.                                   F0B03610
       ORA     HONE          YES, SET TO RESTORE.                       F0B03620
       SLW     DFBB                                                     F0B03630
       SXA     CNT,4                                                    F0B03640
       REM *****                                                        F0B03650
DFF3   TSX     (TAPE),4      WRITE GROUP                                F0B03660
       PZE     DSU2,,(WDNC)  OF DUPLICATES (ONE LINE) .                *F0B03670
       PZE     ,,OUTTAP                                                 F0B03680
       CLA*    (LNCT)        UPDATE COUNT                               F0B03690
       ADD   ONE             OF LINES                                   F0B03700
       STO*    (LNCT)        OF OUTPUT.                                 F0B03710
 DFG   PXA     0,2                                                      F0B03720
       SUB     TEMP+3                                                   F0B03730
       TNZ     DFA           MORE TO GO ON THIS PORTION OF DUMP.        F0B03740
       TRA     DUMP          FINISHED. GO SEE IF MORE BLOCKS TO DUMP.   F0B03750
       REM                                                              F0B03760
       REM   **** PREPARE 8 WORDS TO BE DUMPED ****                     F0B03770
       REM                                                              F0B03780
TEST   AXT     24,4                                                     F0B03790
       TNX     LOW+1,2,0     IF INDEX IS ZERO, GO AROUND TESTS.         F0B03800
       TXH     LOW,2,-SAVE   IS LOCATION BELOW BUFFER.                  F0B03810
       TXH     MED,2,-ORGDP  NO, IS IT BELOW DUMP RECORD.               F0B03820
       TRA     HIGH2         ON TAPE.  YES.                             F0B03840
       SXA     HIGH1,4       NO,                                        F0B03850
       REM *****                                                        F0B03860
       TSX     (TAPE),4      SAVE BUFFER.                               F0B03870
       PZE     IORT,,(WBNP)                                             F0B03880
       PZE     S2L,,SAVTAP                                              F0B03890
       REM *****                                                        F0B03900
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION                                 F0B03910
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE.                               F0B03920
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B03930
HIGH1  AXT     **,4                                                     F0B03940
       STL     TEMP+8        INDICATE BUFFER IS ON TAPE.                F0B03950
HIGH2  ZET     TEMP+1        IS UPPER CORE IN BUFFER.                   F0B03960
       TRA     HIGH4         YES.                                       F0B03970
       SXA     HIGH3,4       NO,                                        F0B03980
       REM *****                                                        F0B03990
       TSX     (TAPE),4      POSITION                                   F0B04000
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE                                F0B04010
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP      AND                                        F0B04020
       REM *****                                                        F0B04030
       TSX     (TAPE),4      READ UPPER CORE                            F0B04040
       PZE     IORT,,(RBNC)  INTO BUFFER.                               F0B04050
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B04060
HIGH3  AXT     **,4                                                     F0B04070
       STL     TEMP+1        INDICATE UPPER CORE IN BUFFER.             F0B04080
HIGH4  TNX     LOW,2,0       IS LOCATION ZERO.                          F0B04090
       LDQ     -SAVL,2        NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD                    *F0B04100
       TSX     TESTP,1       CONVERT.                                   F0B04110
       TIX     HIGH4,4,3     IF LINE FINISHED, GO BACK.                 F0B04120
       TRA     FINI          LINE OF OUTPUT IS FINISHED.                F0B04130
MED    NZT     TEMP+1        IS UPPER CORE IN BUFFER.                   F0B04140
       TRA     MED2          NO.                                        F0B04150
       SXA     MED1,4        YES,                                       F0B04160
       REM *****                                                        F0B04170
       TSX     (TAPE),4      RESTORE                                    F0B04180
       PZE     IORT,,(RBNP)  BUFFER.                                    F0B04190
       PZE     S2L,,SAVTAP                                              F0B04200
       REM *****                                                        F0B04210
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION                                 F0B04220
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)  SAVING TAPE.                               F0B04230
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                                 F0B04240
MED1   AXT     **,4                                                     F0B04250
       STZ     TEMP+1        INDICATE UPPER CORE NOT IN BUFFER.         F0B04260
MED2   TXL     HIGH,2,-ORGDP IS WORD IN UPPER CORE.                     F0B04270
       LDQ     0,2           NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD,                     F0B04280
       TSX     TESTP,1       CONVERT,                                   F0B04290
       TIX     MED2,4,3      AND GO BACK IF LINE UNFINISHED.            F0B04300
       TRA     FINI          LINE OF OUTPUT IS COMPLETE.                F0B04310
LOW    TXL     MED,2,-SAVE   IS WORD IN BUFFER.                         F0B04320
       LDQ     0,2           NO, PICK UP NEXT WORD,                     F0B04330
       TSX     TESTP,1       CONVERT, AND                               F0B04340
       TIX     LOW,4,3       GO BACK IF LINE UNFINISHED.                F0B04350
       TRA     FINI          LINE OF OUTPUT IS COMPLETE.                F0B04360
TESTP  SXA     TSTP2,1                                                  F0B04370
       LXA     TEMP+11,1     PICK UP FORMAT AND                         F0B04380
       TRA     *+4,1         CONVERT( 0 IS OCTAL, 1 IS FLOATING POINT, 2F0B04390
       TRA     *+3           IS DECIMAL INTEGER -DECR ONLY, AND 3 IS    F0B04400
       TSX     INT,1         OCTAL WITH MNEMONICS.)                     F0B04410
       TSX     FPT,1                                                    F0B04420
       TSX     CNVT,1                                                   F0B04430
       SLW     BUF+26,4                                                 F0B04440
       CAL     MINUS         IF BIT ONE IS 1,                           F0B04450
       LNT     40000         MAKE CONVERTED WORD NEGATIVE               F0B04460
       ORA     BLK           AND                                        F0B04470
       SLW     BUF+24,4      STORE.                                     F0B04480
       RIL     40000         RESET BIT ONE TO ZERO                      F0B04490
       STI     BUF+25,4      AND STORE.                                 F0B04500
       TXI     *+1,2,-1                                                 F0B04510
       PXA     0,2           TEST FOR END                               F0B04520
       SUB     TEMP+3        OF DUMP PORTION.                           F0B04530
       TZE     FINI                                                     F0B04540
TSTP2  AXT     **,1          NOT END,                                   F0B04550
       TRA     1,1           RETURN.                                    F0B04560
 CNVT  SXA     CNVT9,1       THIS ROUTINE ACCEPTS THE MQ AS             F0B04570
       AXT     36,1          INPUT, AND CONVERTS IT TO OCTAL            F0B04580
       ALS     3             BY PRECEDING EACH THREE BITS WITH          F0B04590
       LGL     3             THREE BINARY ZEROS.                        F0B04600
       TIX     *-2,1,6       THE LEFT HALF OF THE CONVERTED             F0B04610
       PAI                   WORD IS LEFT IN THE                        F0B04620
       ALS     3             INDICATORS                                 F0B04630
       LGL     3             AND THE RIGHT HALF IN                      F0B04640
       TIX     *-2,1,1       THE LOGICAL AC.                            F0B04650
 CNVT9 AXT     0,1                                                      F0B04660
       TRA     1,1                                                      F0B04670
 FINI  CAL     BLK                                                      F0B04680
       SLW     BUF+24,4      DUMP PORTION IS ENDED.                     F0B04700
       SLW     BUF+25,4      FILL REST OF LINE                          F0B04710
       SLW     BUF+26,4      WITH BLANKS.                               F0B04720
       TRA     FINI1                                                    F0B04730
 FINI2 CAL     TEMP+4        LINE IS ENDED,                             F0B04740
       LGR     15            CONVERT LOCATION                           F0B04750
       CLM                   BEGINNING                                  F0B04760
       LGR     3             THIS LINE                                  F0B04770
       AXT     6,4           TO BCD.                                    F0B04780
       ALS     3                                                        F0B04790
       LGL     3                                                        F0B04800
       TIX     *-2,4,1                                                  F0B04810
       LXA     CNT,4         IS THIS                                    F0B04820
       TXI     *+1,4,2       PAGE                                       F0B04830
       TNX     *+2,4,60      FULL.                                      F0B04840
       ORA     HONE          YES, SET TO RESTORE.                       F0B04850
 H     AXC     -1,1          PICK UP BUFFER INDEX                       F0B04860
       SLW*    SWT+14,1      AND STORE LOCATION IN CURRENT BUFFER.      F0B04870
       SXA     CNT,4                                                    F0B04880
       AXT     27,4          WORDS                                      F0B04900
       AXT     0,2           AND STORES THEM                            F0B04910
       CAL     BUF+27,4      IN THE CURRENT                             F0B04920
       LDQ     BUF+28,4      OUTPUT BUFFER IN THE                       F0B04930
       LGR     12            CORRECT OUTPUT POSITIONS.                  F0B04940
       STQ*    SWT+1,1                                                  F0B04950
       CAL     BUF+28,4                                                 F0B04960
       LDQ     BUF+29,4                                                 F0B04970
       LGR     12                                                       F0B04980
       STQ*    SWT+2,1                                                  F0B04990
       CAL     BUF+30,4                                                 F0B05000
       LDQ     BUF+31,4                                                 F0B05010
       LGR     12                                                       F0B05020
       CAL     BUF+29,4                                                 F0B05030
       LGR     12                                                       F0B05040
       STQ*    SWT+5,1                                                  F0B05050
       CAL     BUF+31,4                                                 F0B05060
       LDQ     BUF+32,4                                                 F0B05070
       LGL     12                                                       F0B05080
       SLW*    SWT+6,1                                                  F0B05090
       CAL     BUF+32,4                                                 F0B05100
       LDQ     BUF+33,4                                                 F0B05110
       RQL     24                                                       F0B05120
       LGL     12                                                       F0B05130
       SLW*    SWT+9,1                                                  F0B05140
       TNX     *+6,4,9       IS THIS END OF LINE.                       F0B05150
       CAL     BUF+25,4      NO.                                        F0B05160
       SLW*    SWT+10,1                                                 F0B05170
       CAL     BUF+26,4                                                 F0B05180
       SLW*    SWT+13,1                                                 F0B05190
       TXI     PACK+3,2,-7                                              F0B05200
 PACK9 AXT     0,2           COMPLETE LINE IS IN BUFFER.                F0B05210
       SXA     H,1                                                      F0B05220
       REM *****                                                        F0B05230
FINI4  TSX     (TAPE),4      WRITE LINE OF DUMP OR                      F0B05240
       PZE     DSU2,1,(WDNP) MNEMONICS.                                 F0B05250
       PZE     ,,OUTTAP                                                 F0B05260
       CLA*    (LNCT)        UPDATE COUNT OF                            F0B05270
       ADD     ONE           LINES                                      F0B05280
       STO*    (LNCT)        OF OUTPUT.                                 F0B05290
       LXA     TEMP+11,1     SET INDEX REG. TO FORMAT.                  F0B05300
       TXL     J,1,2         TRANSFER IF NO MNEMONICS.                  F0B05310
       ZET     TEMP+7        IS LINE OF MNEMONICS NEXT.                 F0B05320
       TRA     J-1           NO.                                        F0B05330
       REM                                                              F0B05340
       REM   **** WITH MNEMONICS ****                                   F0B05350
       REM                                                              F0B05360
       STL     TEMP+7        YES, RESET MNEMONICS FLAG.                 F0B05370
       SXA     AXT,2                                                    F0B05380
       AXT     24,2                                                     F0B05390
TYPA   PXA     ,0                                                       F0B05400
       LDI     BUF+24,2      PICK UP CONVERTED                          F0B05410
       LDQ     BUF+25,2      WORD.                                      F0B05420
       TQP     *+2                                                      F0B05430
       TRA     TYPB3                                                    F0B05440
       CAQ     TBLA,0,1      IS THIS A PREFIX OPCODE.                   F0B05450
       TZE     TYPB          NO.                                        F0B05460
       RFT     20            YES, IS SIGN NEGATIVE.                     F0B05470
       TRA     *+4           NO.                                        F0B05480
       PXA     ,0            SIGN IS NEGATIVE, FIND MATCH               F0B05490
       LDQ     BUF+25,2      IN NEG. TABLE.                             F0B05500
       CAQ     TBLA+3,0,1    AND                                        F0B05510
       SLW     BUF+25,2      SAVE MNEMONIC.                             F0B05520
       CAL     BLK           FILL IN WITH                               F0B05530
       TRA     TYPB3+2       BLANKS.                                    F0B05540
       RFT     20            IS WORD NEGATIVE.                          F0B05560
       SXA     CAQ,1         AND STORE.                                 F0B05580
 CAQ   CAQ     0,0,1         FIND RIGHT SUBTABLE                        F0B05590
       STA     TYPB1         AND STORE ADDRESS.                         F0B05600
       PDX     0,4           SET XR WITH WORD COUNT OF SUBTABLE.        F0B05610
       CLM                                                              F0B05620
       LGL     12            STORE NUMERICAL OPCODE IN                  F0B05630
       STA     TYPB1+1       TEST FOR MATCH.                            F0B05640
       COM                                                              F0B05650
       ANA     TYPB2                                                    F0B05660
       STA     TYPB1+3                                                  F0B05670
 TYPB1 LDI     0,4           PICK UP WORD FROM CORRECT SUBTABLE.        F0B05680
       RNT     0             DOES THIS WORD MATCH.                      F0B05690
       TIX     *-2,4,1       NO, GO BACK FOR NEXT WORD, IF ANY.         F0B05700
       RFT     0             WORD MATCHES OR END OF SUBTABLE. ARE OTHER F0B05710
       TIX     *-4,4,1       YES, GO BACK FOR NEXT WORD, IF ANY.        F0B05720
       XEC     *-4           WORD MATCHES OR END OF SUBTABLE.           F0B05730
       TRA     TYPB3-1       NO MATCHING MNEMONIC.                      F0B05740
       XEC     *-4           MAYBE, CHECK AGAIN.                        F0B05750
       TRA     TYPB3-1       END OF SUBTABLE, NO MNEMONIC.              F0B05760
 TYPB2 PIA     511           MNEMONIC WAS FOUND, PLACE IN AC.           F0B05770
       AXT     TBLEP,1                                                  F0B05780
       LAS     PSE           IS IT PLUS SENSE.                          F0B05790
       TRA     *+2           NO.                                        F0B05800
       TRA     TYPE          YES.                                       F0B05810
       AXT     TBLEM,1       NO, IS IT                                  F0B05820
       LAS     MSE           MINUS SENSE.                               F0B05830
       TRA     *+2           NO.                                        F0B05840
       TRA     TYPE          YES.                                       F0B05850
       ARS     12            NO, SHIFT OUT NUMERALS, FILL               F0B05860
       ORA     2BLK          WITH BLANKS                                F0B05870
       SLW     BUF+25,2      AND STORE.                                 F0B05880
       RQL     3                                                        F0B05890
       CAL     BLK                                                      F0B05900
       TQP     TYPB3+2       TEST FOR INDIRECT                          F0B05910
       RQL     1             BITS IN                                    F0B05920
       TQP     TYPB3+2       WORD.                                      F0B05930
       CAL     ASTR          INSTRUCTION IS INDIRECT, PUT               F0B05940
       SLW     BUF+26,2      ASTERISK IN MNEMONIC.                      F0B05950
       TRA     TYPB3+3                                                  F0B05960
 TYPE  ARS     12            SHIFT OUT NUMERALS,                        F0B05970
       ORA     2BLK          FILL WITH BLANKS,                          F0B05980
       SLW     BUF+25,2      AND STORE.                                 F0B05990
       LDQ     BUF+26,2      PICK UP SECOND HALF,                       F0B06000
       CAL     BLK           STORE                                      F0B06010
       SLW     BUF+24,2      BLANKS.                                    F0B06020
       SLW     BUF+26,2                                                 F0B06030
       RQL     12            PUT MIDDLE                                 F0B06040
       CLM                   CHARACTERS IN                              F0B06050
       LGL     12            AC.                                        F0B06060
       TNZ     TYPB3+4       ARE THEY ZERO. IF NOT, TRANSFER.           F0B06070
       SXA     *+1,1         YES,                                       F0B06080
       CAL     0             PICK UP ADDRESS OF TBLEP OR TBLEM,         F0B06090
       TRA     CAQ+1         AND GO BACK TO INTERPRET FURTHER.          F0B06100
       TXL     TYPB3+4,1,TBLEM WAS THIS SENSE OPERATION.                F0B06110
 TYPB3 CAL     BLK           NO. PICK UP BLANK.                         F0B06120
       SLW     BUF+25,2                                                 F0B06130
       SLW     BUF+26,2                                                 F0B06140
       SLW     BUF+24,2                                                 F0B06150
       TIX     TYPA,2,3      GO BACK FOR NEXT WORD.                     F0B06160
 STEP  LXA     CNT,4         END OF LINE OF MNEMONICS.                  F0B06170
       CAL     BLK                                                      F0B06180
 AXT   AXT     0,2                                                      F0B06190
       TXI     H,4,1         GO TO WRITE LINE OF MNEMONICS.             F0B06200
       STZ     TEMP+7        INDICATE LINE OF DUMP NEXT .               F0B06210
 J     PXA     0,2           TEST FOR END OF                            F0B06220
       ERA     TEMP+3        DUMP PORTION.                              F0B06230
       TNZ     DFA           NO, GO BACK FOR NEXT LINE.                 F0B06240
       TRA     DUMP          YES, LOOK FOR NEXT PARAMETERS.             F0B06250
       REM                                                              F0B06260
       REM   **** ERROR IN CALLING SEQUENCE ****                        F0B06270
       REM                                                              F0B06280
       REM *****                                                        F0B06290
 FERR  TRA     PCH1           GO WRITE ERR MESSAGE                     $F0B06300
       CLA*    (LNCT)                                               (22)F0B06310
       ADD     ONE           UPDATE LINE COUNT                      (22)F0B06320
       STO*    (LNCT)                                               (22)F0B06330
RSR    ZET     TEMP+6        IS THIS DUMP OR PDUMP...               (22)F0B06340
       TRA     PRSR          PDUMP. RETURN TO PROGRAM               (22)F0B06350
       TSX     (LOAD),4,1    DUMP. GO TO SIGN-ON                    (22)F0B06360
       BCI     1,9F0300                                             (22)F0B06370
TRSR   ZET     TEMP+10       1ST LIMIT IS ZERO, IS IT FIRST DUMP    (22)F0B06380
       TRA     RSR           NO, END OF DUMP                        (22)F0B06390
       STL     TEMP+9        NO FURTHER DUMPS                       (22)F0B06400
       TRA     CONT          PROCEED                                (22)F0B06410
PRSR   NZT     TEMP+1        IS BUFFER RESTORED                     (22)F0B06420
       TRA     RSR1          YES                                    (22)F0B06430
       TSX     (TAPE),4      NO, RESTORE IT                         (22)F0B06440
       PZE     IORT,,(RBNP)                                         (22)F0B06450
       PZE     S2L,,SAVTAP                                          (22)F0B06460
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION SAVE TAPE                   (22)F0B06470
       PZE     BS1R,,(SKBP)                                         (22)F0B06475
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                             (22)F0B06480
       PZE     IOBOT,,(WBNP)                                        (22)F0B06490
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                             (22)F0B06495
       TSX     (TAPE),4      REPOSITION TAPE TO READ                (22)F0B06500
       PZE     BS2R,,(SKBP)  SAVED UPPER CORE                       (22)F0B06505
       PZE     ,,SAVTAP                                             (22)F0B06510
       AXT     SELEND-SELBEG,4           MOVE SELECT ROUTINE        (22)F0B06520
       STO     SELEND,4                  BY PDUMP)                  (22)F0B06540
       TIX     *-2,4,1                                              (22)F0B06550
       TRA     SELBEG                                               (22)F0B06560
SELOC  EQU     *             SELECT ROUTINE LOADED HERE             (22)F0B06570
       LOC     BOTTOM        MOVED HERE                             (22)F0B06580
SELBEG LAC     SYSUT3,2      UCB FOR SAVTAP                         (22)F0B06590
       CLA     IOXSLL        LOC OF SELECT                          (22)F0B06600
       ZET     1,2           TEST TAPE IN USE                       (22)F0B06610
       TRA     *-1           YES, WAIT                              (22)F0B06620
       STO     1,2           LOCATE SELECT                          (22)F0B06630
       TSX     (ACTIV,4      START UNIT                             (22)F0B06640
       PZE     SYSUT3                                               (22)F0B06650
       ZET     1,2           IS READ COMPLETE...                    (22)F0B06660
       TRA     *-1           NO, WAIT                               (22)F0B06670
       LDI     IOXSLL        ERROR INDICATION                       (22)F0B06680
       LFT     300000        WAS READ SUCCESSFUL                    (22)F0B06690
       TRA     *+2           NO. BOMB OUT                           (22)F0B06700
       TRA     BOTTOM-5      YES. RETURN TO PDUMP                   (22)F0B06710
       TSX     (PROUT,4      INFORM OPERATOR, SINCE                 (22)F0B06720
       PZE     1             WE HAVE NO MEANS OF                    (22)F0B06730
       PZE     M,,7          WRITING OFFLINE                        (22)F0B06740
       CLA     1B17          SET IBSYS BOMB BIT                     (22)F0B06750
       ORS     SYSJOB                                               (22)F0B06760
       CLA     IBSXEC        TO LOOK FOR NEXT SEGMENT               (22)F0B06770
       STO     SYSGET                                               (22)F0B06780
       TRA     SYSRET        RETURN TO IBSYS                        (22)F0B06790
1B17   DEC     1B17                                                 (22)F0B06800
IBSXEC BCI     1,IBSXEC                                             (22)F0B06810
M      BCI     7, CANNOT RESTORE AFTER PDUMP. JOB ENDED.            (22)F0B06820
R      IORT    ORGDP,,SYSEND+1-ORGDP                                (30)F0B06830
IOXSLL         R,,*+1                                               (22)F0B06840
       TMI     PST           SELECT PLUS OR MINUS...                (22)F0B06850
       CLA*    SYSUT3        UCB FOR SAVTAP                         (22)F0B06860
       PDX     ,2            DECIMAL UNIT ADDRESS                   (22)F0B06870
       TXI     *+1,2,16      BINARY UNIT ADDRESS                    (22)F0B06880
       SXA     *+3,2         TO SELECT                              (22)F0B06890
       CLA     IOXSLL        I/O COMMAND LOCATION                   (22)F0B06900
       STA*    (RCHXI        TO RCH                                 (22)F0B06910
       RDS     **            SELECT                                 (22)F0B06920
       XEC*    (RCHXI        LOAD CHANNEL                           (22)F0B06930
       TRA     1,4           RETURN                                 (22)F0B06940
PST    PAC     0,2           SELECT MINUS                           (22)F0B06950
       STZ     1,2           SET UNIT FREE                          (22)F0B06960
       STI     IOXSLL        SAVE ERRORS                            (22)F0B06970
       TRA     1,4           RETURN                                 (22)F0B06980
SELEND EQU     *             END OF LOW CORE CODING                 (22)F0B06990
       LOC                   RETURN TO NORMAL LOCATIONS             (22)F0B07000
S2L    BCI     1,SAVE2       LABEL FOR SAVTAP                       (22)F0B07010
       REM                                                              F0B07170
       REM   **** INTEGER OUTPUT ****                                   F0B07180
       REM                                                              F0B07190
       TQP     *+2           OF WORDS TO DECIMAL INTEGERS. WORD IS IN MQF0B07210
       RIL     20            SET MINUS SIGN IF S IS ON.                 F0B07220
       LGL     3             CLEAR                                      F0B07230
       CLM                   OUT                                        F0B07240
       LGR     3             PREFIX.                                    F0B07250
       CAQ     T1+128,0,1    CONVERT                                    F0B07260
       CAQ     T1+64,0,1     THE                                        F0B07270
       CAQ     T1,0,1        BINARY DECREMENT                           F0B07280
       CVR     T3,0,6        TO DECIMAL.                                F0B07290
       LDQ     BLK           FILL OUT WORDS                             F0B07300
       LGR     12            WITH BLANKS.                               F0B07310
       OAI                   PUT FIRST HALF OF WORD IN INDICATORS,      F0B07320
       XCL                   2ND HALF IN LOGICAL AC, AND                F0B07330
       TRA     3,1           RETURN.                                    F0B07340
       REM                                                              F0B07350
       REM   **** FLOATING POINT OUTPUT ****                            F0B07360
       REM                                                              F0B07370
 FPT   SXA     FPTLV,4 FLOATING POINT DUMPER                            F0B07380
       SXA     FPTLV+1,2 IGNORES SIGN                                   F0B07390
       SXA     FPTLV+2,1                                                F0B07400
       LDI     FPTHP         PICK UP .0                                 F0B07410
       TQP     *+2           IF FIRST WORD IS MINUS, SET                F0B07420
       SIL     40000         1ST BIT ON IN CONVERTED WORD.              F0B07430
       XCA                   AND                                        F0B07440
       SSP                   REMOVE SIGN.                               F0B07450
       LDQ     FPTPZ         PICK UP ZERO CHARACTERISTIC.               F0B07460
       TZE     FPTLV-1       IS WORD ZERO.                              F0B07470
       AXT     -DDFTB,2      NO, CONVERT IT                             F0B07480
       AXT     2,4           TO FLOATING POINT.                         F0B07490
 FPTSH TXI     *+1,4,-2                                                 F0B07500
       CAS     38,2                                                     F0B07510
       XEC     *+3,4                                                    F0B07520
       XEC     *+2,4                                                    F0B07540
       TXI     FPTSH,2,7                                                F0B07550
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-8                                               F0B07560
       TXI     FPTSH,2,16                                               F0B07570
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-16                                              F0B07580
       TXI     FPTSH,2,8                                                F0B07590
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-8                                               F0B07600
       TXI     FPTSH,2,4                                                F0B07610
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-4                                               F0B07620
       TXI     FPTSH,2,2                                                F0B07630
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-2                                               F0B07640
       TXI     FPTSH,2,1                                                F0B07650
       TXI     FPTSH,2,-1                                               F0B07660
 FPTFD TXI     *+2,2,1                                                  F0B07670
       TRA     *+1                                                      F0B07680
       TXL     FPTNL,2,-30-DDFTB                                        F0B07690
       FDP     46,2          DIVIDE BY POWER OF TEN 8 LESS THAN NO.    $F0B07700
 FPTDD XCA                                                              F0B07710
       FRN                                                              F0B07720
       UFA     FPTFX                                                    F0B07730
       RQL     9                                                        F0B07740
       ANA     FPTMK                                                    F0B07750
       LGL     8                                                        F0B07760
       CAS     FPTBG                                                    F0B07770
       NOP                                                              F0B07780
       SUB     T1+1                                                     F0B07790
       VDH     FPTOR,0,12                                               F0B07800
       STO     FPTMP                                                    F0B07810
       CLM                                                              F0B07820
       RQL     24                                                       F0B07830
       CAQ     T1+64,0,1                                                F0B07840
       CAQ     T1,0,1                                                   F0B07850
       CVR     T3,0,3                                                   F0B07860
       LDQ     FPTMP                                                    F0B07870
       SLW     FPTMP                                                    F0B07880
       CLM                                                              F0B07890
       CAQ     T1+192,0,1                                               F0B07900
       CAQ     T1+128,0,1                                               F0B07910
       CAQ     T1+64,0,1                                                F0B07920
       CAQ     T1,0,1                                                   F0B07930
       CVR     T3,0,6                                                   F0B07940
       SLW     FPTMP+1                                                  F0B07950
       PXA     0,2                                                      F0B07960
       SUB     FPTSB                                                    F0B07970
       LGR     12                                                       F0B07980
       CAQ     T1+64,0,1                                                F0B07990
       CAQ     T1,0,1                                                   F0B08000
       CVR     T3,0,2                                                   F0B08010
       XCL                                                              F0B08020
       CLA     FPTPS                                                    F0B08030
       TXH     *+2,2,-DDFTB-1                                           F0B08040
       ADD     FPTPS                                                    F0B08050
       LGR     6                                                        F0B08060
       CAL     FPTMP+1                                                  F0B08070
       LGR     18                                                       F0B08080
       ACL     FPTMP                                                    F0B08090
       OAI                   PLACE CONVERTED WORD IN INDICATORS,        F0B08100
       XCL                   AND LOGICAL AC,                            F0B08110
 FPTLV AXT     0,4           RESTORE                                    F0B08120
       AXT     0,2           INDEX                                      F0B08130
       AXT     0,1           REGISTERS,                                 F0B08140
       TRA     2,1           AND RETURN.                                F0B08150
 FPTNL XCA                                                              F0B08160
       FMP     DDTTN                                                    F0B08170
       FDP     37,2          DIVIDE TO GET QUOTIENT BETWEEN 1E7 + 1E8  $F0B08180
       TRA     FPTDD                                                    F0B08190
 FPTBG OCT     000575360400     DEC     1E8B35     DGP                  F0B08200
 FPTPZ BCI     1,000+00                                                 F0B08210
 FPTFX OCT     243000000000                                             F0B08220
 FPTMK OCT     777777777                                                F0B08230
 FPTOR DEC     4096000000                                               F0B08240
 FPTMP DEC     0,0                                                      F0B08250
 FPTSB PZE     -DDFTB                                                   F0B08260
 FPTPS OCT     20                                                       F0B08270
 FPTHP BCI     1,.00000                                                 F0B08280
       DEC     1E37                                                     F0B08300
       DEC     1E36                                                     F0B08310
       DEC     1E35                                                     F0B08320
       DEC     1E34                                                     F0B08330
       DEC     1E33                                                     F0B08340
       DEC     1E32                                                     F0B08350
       DEC     1E31                                                     F0B08360
       DEC     1E30                                                     F0B08370
       DEC     1E29                                                     F0B08380
       DEC     1E28                                                     F0B08390
       DEC     1E27                                                     F0B08400
       DEC     1E26                                                     F0B08410
       DEC     1E25                                                     F0B08420
       DEC     1E24                                                     F0B08430
       DEC     1E23                                                     F0B08440
       DEC     1E22                                                     F0B08450
       DEC     1E21                                                     F0B08460
       DEC     1E20                                                     F0B08470
       DEC     1E19                                                     F0B08480
       DEC     1E18                                                     F0B08490
       DEC     1E17                                                     F0B08500
       DEC     1E16                                                     F0B08510
       DEC     1E15                                                     F0B08520
       DEC     1E14                                                     F0B08530
       DEC     1E13                                                     F0B08540
       DEC     1E12                                                     F0B08550
       DEC     1E11                                                     F0B08560
       DEC     1E10                                                     F0B08570
 DDTTN DEC     1E9                                                      F0B08580
       DEC     1E8                                                      F0B08590
       DEC     1E7                                                      F0B08600
       DEC     1E6                                                      F0B08610
       DEC     1E5                                                      F0B08620
       DEC     1E4                                                      F0B08630
       DEC     1E3                                                      F0B08640
       DEC     1E2                                                      F0B08650
       DEC     1E1                                                      F0B08660
       DEC     1E0                                                      F0B08670
       DEC     1E-1                                                     F0B08680
       DEC     1E-2                                                     F0B08690
       DEC     1E-3                                                     F0B08700
       DEC     1E-4                                                     F0B08710
       DEC     1E-5                                                     F0B08720
       DEC     1E-6                                                     F0B08730
       DEC     1E-7                                                     F0B08740
       DEC     1E-8                                                     F0B08750
       DEC     1E-9                                                     F0B08760
       DEC     1E-10                                                    F0B08770
       DEC     1E-11                                                    F0B08780
       DEC     1E-12                                                    F0B08790
       DEC     1E-13                                                    F0B08800
       DEC     1E-14                                                    F0B08810
       DEC     1E-15                                                    F0B08820
       DEC     1E-16                                                    F0B08830
       DEC     1E-17                                                    F0B08840
       DEC     1E-18                                                    F0B08850
       DEC     1E-19                                                    F0B08860
       DEC     1E-20                                                    F0B08870
       DEC     1E-21                                                    F0B08880
       DEC     1E-22                                                    F0B08890
       DEC     1E-23                                                    F0B08900
       DEC     1E-24                                                    F0B08910
       DEC     1E-25                                                    F0B08920
       DEC     1E-26                                                    F0B08930
       DEC     1E-27                                                    F0B08940
       DEC     1E-28                                                    F0B08950
       DEC     1E-29                                                    F0B08960
       DEC     1E-30                                                    F0B08970
       DEC     1E-31                                                    F0B08980
       DEC     1E-32                                                    F0B08990
       DEC     1E-33                                                    F0B09000
       DEC     1E-34                                                    F0B09010
       DEC     1E-35                                                    F0B09020
       DEC     1E-36                                                    F0B09030
       DEC     1E-37                                                    F0B09040
       DEC     1E-38                                                    F0B09050
 DDEFT DEC     0                                                        F0B09060
       REM   **** T1   CONVERTS BINARY TO BCD  8 WORDS PER CARD ****    F0B09070
 T1    BCI     8,000000000001000002000003000004000005000006000007       F0B09080
       BCI     8,000008000009000010000011000012000013000014000015       F0B09090
       BCI     8,000016000017000018000019000020000021000022000023       F0B09100
       BCI     8,000024000025000026000027000028000029000030000031       F0B09110
       BCI     8,000032000033000034000035000036000037000038000039       F0B09120
       BCI     8,000040000041000042000043000044000045000046000047       F0B09130
       BCI     8,000048000049000050000051000052000053000054000055       F0B09140
       BCI     8,000056000057000058000059000060000061000062000063       F0B09150
       BCI     8,000000000064000128000192000256000320000384000448       F0B09160
       BCI     8,000512000576000640000704000768000832000896000960       F0B09170
       BCI     8,001024001088001152001216001280001344001408001472       F0B09180
       BCI     8,001536001600001664001728001792001856001920001984       F0B09190
       BCI     8,002048002112002176002240002304002368002432002496       F0B09200
       BCI     8,002560002624002688002752002816002880002944003008       F0B09210
       BCI     8,003072003136003200003264003328003392003456003520       F0B09220
       BCI     8,003584003648003712003776003840003904003968004032       F0B09230
       BCI     8,000000004096008192012288016384020480024576028672       F0B09240
       BCI     8,032768036864040960045056049152053248057344061440       F0B09250
       BCI     8,065536069632073728077824081920086016090112094208       F0B09260
       BCI     8,098304102400106496110592114688118784122880126976       F0B09270
       BCI     8,131072135168139264143360147456151552155648159744       F0B09280
       BCI     8,163840167936172032176128180224184320188416192512       F0B09290
       BCI     8,196608200704204800208896212992217088221184225280       F0B09300
       BCI     8,229376233472237568241664245760249856253952258048       F0B09310
       BCI     8,000000262144524288786432048576310720572864835008       F0B09320
       REM   **** T3   CONVERTS BCD ADDITION RESULT TO BCD ****         F0B09330
 T3            T3                                                       F0B09340
               T3,0,4096                                                F0B09350
               T3,0,2*4096                                              F0B09360
               T3,0,3*4096                                              F0B09370
               T3,0,4*4096                                              F0B09380
               T3,0,5*4096                                              F0B09390
               T3,0,6*4096                                              F0B09400
               T3,0,7*4096                                              F0B09410
       PON     T3                                                       F0B09420
       PON     T3,0,4096                                                F0B09430
               T3+1                                                     F0B09440
               T3+1,0,4096                                              F0B09450
               T3+1,0,2*4096                                            F0B09460
               T3+1,0,3*4096                                            F0B09470
               T3+1,0,4*4096                                            F0B09480
               T3+1,0,5*4096                                            F0B09490
               T3+1,0,6*4096                                            F0B09500
               T3+1,0,7*4096                                            F0B09510
       PON     T3+1                                                     F0B09520
       PON     T3+1,0,4096                                              F0B09530
               T3+2                                                     F0B09540
               T3+2,0,4096                                              F0B09550
               T3+2,0,2*4096                                            F0B09560
               T3+2,0,3*4096                                            F0B09570
               T3+2,0,4*4096                                            F0B09580
               T3+2,0,5*4096                                            F0B09590
               T3+2,0,6*4096                                            F0B09600
               T3+2,0,7*4096                                            F0B09610
       PON     T3+2                                                     F0B09620
       PON     T3+2,0,4096                                              F0B09630
               T3+3                                                     F0B09640
               T3+3,0,4096                                              F0B09650
               T3+3,0,2*4096                                            F0B09660
               T3+3,0,3*4096                                            F0B09670
               T3+3,0,4*4096                                            F0B09680
               T3+3,0,5*4096                                            F0B09690
               T3+3,0,6*4096                                            F0B09700
               T3+3,0,7*4096                                            F0B09710
       PON     T3+3                                                     F0B09720
       PON     T3+3,0,4096                                              F0B09730
 FDUMP PZE     -1                                                      $F0B09740
 HONE  PZE     0,0,4096                                                 F0B09750
       TCOH    0                                                        F0B09760
       TCOG    0                                                        F0B09770
       TCOF    0                                                        F0B09780
       TCOE    0                                                        F0B09790
       TCOD    0                                                        F0B09800
       TCOC    0                                                        F0B09810
       TCOB    0                                                        F0B09820
       TCOA    0                                                        F0B09830
TCOX   SYN     *                                                        F0B09840
       SCHH    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09850
       SCHG    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09860
       SCHF    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09870
       SCHE    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09880
       SCHD    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09890
       SCHC    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09900
       SCHB    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09910
       SCHA    TEMP+6                                                   F0B09920
SCHX   SYN     *                                                        F0B09930
 HZR   BCI     1,0                                                      F0B09940
 ONE           1                                                        F0B09950
OBLK   TNX     ,,0                                                      F0B09960
 ON    BCI     1,    ON                                                 F0B09970
 OFF   BCI     1,   OFF                                                 F0B09980
 MNSZ  BCI     1,    -                                                  F0B09990
 MNSO  BCI     1,    -1                                                 F0B10000
 PLUS  BCI     1,    +0                                                 F0B10010
 TEMP  DEC     0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0                              F0B10020
 MINUS BCI     1,     -                                                 F0B10030
 LBLK          48                                                       F0B10040
 ERR   IORT    RESTO,0,1                                               $F0B10050
       IORT    ERROR,0,9                                               $F0B10060
       IORT  HZR,,1                                                     F0B10070
  NDIO IOCP    BOTTOM,,50                                              $F0B10080
       IOCT    END-SIZE,,SIZE                                          $F0B10090
 DSU   IORT    BUF2,,20           .                                    $F0B10100
       IORT    BUF3,,20           .                                    $F0B10110
       IORT    DUMP2,,20          .                                    $F0B10120
       IORT    BUF1,,20           .                                    $F0B10130
       IORT    BUF,,20            .                                    $F0B10140
  IOCD IOCT    BLK,0,1                                                  F0B10150
       IORT    BUF2,0,20                                                F0B10160
 DSU2  IORT    DFBB,0,20                                                F0B10170
       IORT    BUF1,0,20                                                F0B10180
  IORT IORT    SAVE,,SAVL                                              $F0B10190
 SWT           BUF2+1,2                                                 F0B10200
               BUF2+2,2                                                 F0B10210
               BUF1+1,2                                                 F0B10220
               BUF1+2,2                                                 F0B10230
               BUF2+3,2                                                 F0B10240
               BUF2+4,2                                                 F0B10250
               BUF1+3,2                                                 F0B10260
               BUF1+4,2                                                 F0B10270
               BUF2+5,2                                                 F0B10280
               BUF2+6,2                                                 F0B10290
               BUF1+5,2                                                 F0B10300
               BUF1+6,2                                                 F0B10310
               BUF2+7,2                                                 F0B10320
               BUF2                                                     F0B10330
               BUF1+7,2                                                 F0B10340
               BUF1                                                     F0B10350
 DUMP1 BCI     2,1                                                      F0B10370
       BCI     9,AC                MQ                SI                 F0B10380
       BCI     2,KEYS                                                   F0B10390
       BCI     7,  XR1         XR2         XR4         XR3             $F0B10400
 DUMP2 BCI     4,0 TRAP   DCT   IOT   OFL                              $F0B10410
       BCI     4,   SL1   SL2   SL3   SL4                              $F0B10420
       BCI     6,   SW1   SW2   SW3   SW4   SW5   SW6                  $F0B10430
       BCI     6,        XR5         XR6         XR7                   $F0B10435
 DFBB  BCI     6,                                                       F0B10440
       BCI     4,CELLS         TO                                       F0B10450
       BCI     9,ALL CONTAIN                                            F0B10460
 BLK   BCI     1,                                                       F0B10470
 2BLK  BCI     1,  0000                                                 F0B10480
 3BLK  BCI     1,   000                                                 F0B10490
 ASTR  BCI     1,*                                                      F0B10500
 TBLA          0                                                        F0B10510
       BCI     1,   TXI                                                 F0B10520
       BCI     1,   TIX                                                 F0B10530
       BCI     1,   TXH                                                 F0B10540
       BCI     1,   STR                                                 F0B10550
       BCI     1,   TNX                                                 F0B10560
       BCI     1,   TXL                                                 F0B10570
 TBLEP         TBME,0,TBME-TBPE                                         F0B10580
 TBLEM         TBP0,0,TBP0-TBME                                         F0B10590
 TBLBP         TBP1,0,TBP1-TBP0                                         F0B10600
               TBP2,0,TBP2-TBP1                                         F0B10610
               TBP3,0,TBP3-TBP2                                         F0B10620
               TBP4,0,TBP4-TBP3                                         F0B10630
               TBP5,0,TBP5-TBP4                                         F0B10640
               TBP6,0,TBP6-TBP5                                         F0B10650
               TBP7,0,TBP7-TBP6                                         F0B10660
               TBM0,0,TBM0-TBP7                                         F0B10670
 TBLBM         TBM1,0,TBM1-TBM0                                         F0B10680
               TBM2,0,TBM2-TBM1                                         F0B10690
               TBM3,0,TBM3-TBM2                                         F0B10700
               TBM4,0,TBM4-TBM3                                         F0B10710
               TBM5,0,TBM5-TBM4                                         F0B10720
               TBM6,0,TBM6-TBM5                                         F0B10730
               TBM7,0,TBM7-TBM6                                         F0B10740
               TBE,0,TBE-TBM7                                           F0B10750
 TBPE  BCI     1, CLM00                                                 F0B10760
       BCI     1, LBT01                                                 F0B10770
       BCI     1, CHS02                                                 F0B10780
       BCI     1, SSP03                                                 F0B10790
       BCI     1, ENK04                                                 F0B10800
       BCI     1, IOT05                                                 F0B10810
       BCI     1, COM06                                                 F0B10820
       BCI     1, ETM07                                                 F0B10830
       BCI     1, RND10                                                 F0B10840
       BCI     1, FRN11                                                 F0B10850
       BCI     1, DCT12                                                 F0B10860
       BCI     1, RCT14                                                *F0B10870
 TBME  BCI     1, PBT01                                                 F0B10880
       BCI     1,EFTM02                                                 F0B10890
       BCI     1, SSM03                                                 F0B10900
       BCI     1,LFTM04                                                 F0B10910
       BCI     1,ESTM05                                                 F0B10920
       BCI     1,ECTM06                                                 F0B10930
       BCI     1, LTM07                                                 F0B10940
       BCI     1,LSNM10                                                 F0B10950
       BCI     1, ETT11                                                 F0B10960
       BCI     1, RTT12                                                 F0B10970
 TBP0  BCI     1, HTR00                                                 F0B10980
       BCI     1, TRA20                                                 F0B10990
       BCI     1, TTR21                                                 F0B11000
       BCI     1,TRCA22                                                 F0B11010
       BCI     1,TRCC24                                                 F0B11020
       BCI     1,TRCE26                                                 F0B11030
       BCI     1,TRCG27                                                 F0B11040
       BCI     1,TEFA30                                                 F0B11050
       BCI     1,TEFC31                                                 F0B11060
       BCI     1,TEFE32                                                 F0B11070
       BCI     1,TEFG33                                                 F0B11080
 TBP04 BCI     1, TLQ40                                                 F0B11090
       BCI     1, IIA41                                                 F0B11100
       BCI     1, TIO42                                                 F0B11110
       BCI     1, OAI43                                                 F0B11120
       BCI     1, PAI44                                                 F0B11130
       BCI     1, TIF46                                                 F0B11140
       BCI     1, IIR51                                                 F0B11150
       BCI     1, RFT54                                                 F0B11160
       BCI     1, SIR55                                                 F0B11170
       BCI     1, RNT56                                                 F0B11180
       BCI     1, RIR57                                                 F0B11190
       BCI     1,TCOA60                                                 F0B11200
       BCI     1,TCOB61                                                 F0B11210
       BCI     1,TCOC62                                                 F0B11220
       BCI     1,TCOD63                                                 F0B11230
       BCI     1,TCOE64                                                 F0B11240
       BCI     1,TCOF65                                                 F0B11250
       BCI     1,TCOG66                                                 F0B11260
       BCI     1,TCOH67                                                 F0B11270
       BCI     1, TSX74                                                 F0B11280
 TBP1  BCI     1, TZE00                                                 F0B11290
       BCI     1, CVR14                                                 F0B11300
       BCI     1, TPL20                                                 F0B11310
       BCI     1, XCA31                                                 F0B11320
       BCI     1, TOV40                                                 F0B11330
       BCI     1, TQO61                                                 F0B11340
       BCI     1, TQP62                                                 F0B11350
 TBP14 BCI     1, TOV40                                                 F0B11360
       BCI     1, TQO61                                                 F0B11370
       BCI     1, TQP62                                                 F0B11380
 TBP2  BCI     1, MPY00                                                 F0B11390
       BCI     1, VLM04                                                 F0B11400
       BCI     1, DVH20                                                 F0B11410
       BCI     1, DVP21                                                 F0B11420
       BCI     1, VDH24                                                 F0B11430
       BCI     1, VDP25                                                 F0B11440
 TBP24 BCI     1, FDH40                                                 F0B11450
       BCI     1, FDP41                                                 F0B11460
       BCI     1, FMP60                                                 F0B11470
 TBP3  BCI     1, FAD00                                                 F0B11480
       BCI     1, FSB02                                                 F0B11490
       BCI     1, FAM04                                                 F0B11500
       BCI     1, FSM06                                                 F0B11510
       BCI     1, ANS20                                                 F0B11520
       BCI     1, ERA22                                                 F0B11530
 TBP34 BCI     1, CAS40                                                 F0B11540
       BCI     1, ACL61                                                 F0B11550
 TBP4  BCI     1, ADD00                                                 F0B11560
       BCI     1, ADM01                                                 F0B11570
       BCI     1, SUB02                                                 F0B11580
       BCI     1, HPR20                                                 F0B11590
 TBP44 BCI     1, IIS40                                                 F0B11600
       BCI     1, LDI41                                                 F0B11610
       BCI     1, OSI42                                                 F0B11620
       BCI     1, OFT44                                                 F0B11630
       BCI     1, RIS45                                                 F0B11640
       BCI     1, ONT46                                                 F0B11650
       BCI     1, LDA60                                                 F0B11660
 TBP5  BCI     1, CLA00                                                 F0B11670
       BCI     1, CLS02                                                 F0B11680
       BCI     1, ZET20                                                 F0B11690
       BCI     1, XEC22                                                 F0B11700
       BCI     1, LXA34                                                 F0B11710
       BCI     1, LAC35                                                 F0B11720
 TBP54 BCI     1,RCHA40                                                 F0B11730
       BCI     1,RCHC41                                                 F0B11740
       BCI     1,RCHE42                                                 F0B11750
       BCI     1,RCHG43                                                 F0B11760
       BCI     1,LCHA44                                                 F0B11770
       BCI     1,LCHC45                                                 F0B11780
       BCI     1,LCHE46                                                 F0B11790
       BCI     1,LCHG47                                                 F0B11800
       BCI     1, LDQ60                                                 F0B11810
       BCI     1, ENB64                                                 F0B11820
 TBP6  BCI     1, STZ00                                                 F0B11830
       BCI     1, STO01                                                 F0B11840
       BCI     1, SLW02                                                 F0B11850
       BCI     1, STI04                                                 F0B11860
       BCI     1, STA21                                                 F0B11870
       BCI     1, STD22                                                 F0B11880
       BCI     1, STT25                                                 F0B11890
       BCI     1, SXA34                                                 F0B11900
 TBP64 BCI     1,SCHA40                                                 F0B11910
       BCI     1,SCHC41                                                 F0B11920
       BCI     1,SCHE42                                                 F0B11930
       BCI     1,SCHG43                                                 F0B11940
 TBP7  BCI     1, CPY00                                                 F0B11950
       BCI     1, CPY00                                                 F0B11960
       BCI     1, PAX34                                                 F0B11970
       BCI     1, PAC37                                                 F0B11980
 TBP74 BCI     1, PXA54                                                 F0B11990
 PSE   BCI     1, PSE60                                                 F0B12000
       BCI     1, NOP61                                                 F0B12010
       BCI     1, RDS62                                                 F0B12020
       BCI     1, LLS63                                                 F0B12030
       BCI     1, BSR64                                                 F0B12040
       BCI     1, LRS65                                                 F0B12050
       BCI     1, WRS66                                                 F0B12060
       BCI     1, ALS67                                                 F0B12070
       BCI     1, WEF70                                                 F0B12080
       BCI     1, ARS71                                                 F0B12090
       BCI     1, REW72                                                 F0B12100
       BCI     1, AXT74                                                 F0B12110
       BCI     1, SDN76                                                 F0B12120
 TBM0  BCI     1,ESNT21                                                 F0B12130
       BCI     1,TRCB22                                                 F0B12140
       BCI     1,TRCD24                                                 F0B12150
       BCI     1,TRCF26                                                 F0B12160
       BCI     1,TRCH27                                                 F0B12170
       BCI     1,TEFB30                                                 F0B12180
       BCI     1,TEFD31                                                 F0B12190
       BCI     1,TEFF32                                                 F0B12200
       BCI     1,TEFH33                                                 F0B12210
 TBM04 BCI     1, RIA42                                                 F0B12220
       BCI     1, PIA46                                                 F0B12230
       BCI     1, IIL51                                                 F0B12240
       BCI     1, LFT54                                                 F0B12250
       BCI     1, SIL55                                                 F0B12260
       BCI     1, LNT56                                                 F0B12270
       BCI     1, RIL57                                                 F0B12280
       BCI     1,TCNA60                                             (34)F0B12290
       BCI     1,TCNB61                                                 F0B12300
       BCI     1,TCNC62                                                 F0B12310
       BCI     1,TCND63                                                 F0B12320
       BCI     1,TCNE64                                                 F0B12330
       BCI     1,TCNF65                                                 F0B12340
       BCI     1,TCNG66                                                 F0B12350
       BCI     1,TCNH67                                                 F0B12360
 TBM1  BCI     1, TNZ00                                                 F0B12370
       BCI     1, CAQ14                                                 F0B12380
       BCI     1, TMI20                                                 F0B12390
       BCI     1, XCL30                                                 F0B12400
 TBM14 BCI     1, TNO40                                                 F0B12410
       BCI     1, CRQ54                                                 F0B12420
 TBM2  BCI     1, MPR00                                                 F0B12430
 TBM24 BCI     1, UFM60                                                 F0B12440
 TBM3  BCI     1, UFA00                                                 F0B12450
       BCI     1, UFS02                                                 F0B12460
       BCI     1, UAM04                                                 F0B12470
       BCI     1, USM06                                                 F0B12480
       BCI     1, ANA20                                                 F0B12490
 TBM34 BCI     1, LAS40                                                 F0B12500
 TBM4  BCI     1, SBM00                                                 F0B12510
 TBM5  BCI     1, CAL00                                                 F0B12520
       BCI     1, ORA01                                                 F0B12530
       BCI     1, NZT20                                                 F0B12540
       BCI     1, LXD34                                                 F0B12550
       BCI     1, LDC35                                                 F0B12560
 TBM54 BCI     1,RCHB40                                                 F0B12570
       BCI     1,RCHD41                                                 F0B12580
       BCI     1,RCHF42                                                 F0B12590
       BCI     1,RCHH43                                                 F0B12600
       BCI     1,LCHB44                                                 F0B12610
       BCI     1,LCHD45                                                 F0B12620
       BCI     1,LCHF46                                                 F0B12630
       BCI     1,LCHH47                                                 F0B12640
 TBM6  BCI     1, STQ00                                                 F0B12650
       BCI     1, ORS02                                                 F0B12660
       BCI     1, SLQ20                                                 F0B12670
       BCI     1, STL25                                                 F0B12680
       BCI     1, SXD34                                                 F0B12690
 TBM64 BCI     1,SCHB40                                                 F0B12700
       BCI     1,SCHD41                                                 F0B12710
       BCI     1,SCHF42                                                 F0B12720
       BCI     1,SCHH43                                                 F0B12730
 TBM7  BCI     1, CAD00                                                 F0B12740
       BCI     1, PDX34                                                 F0B12750
       BCI     1, PDC37                                                 F0B12760
 TBM74 BCI     1, PXD54                                                 F0B12770
 MSE   BCI     1, MSE60                                                 F0B12780
       BCI     1, LGL63                                                 F0B12790
       BCI     1, BSF64                                                 F0B12800
       BCI     1, LGR65                                                 F0B12810
       BCI     1, RUN72                                                *F0B12820
       BCI     1, RQL73                                                 F0B12830
       BCI     1, AXC74                                                 F0B12840
 TBE   BES     0                                                        F0B12850
 RESTO BCI   1,1                                                        F0B12860
BS2R   MZE     2                                                    (22)F0B12870
BS1R   MZE     1,,0                                                     F0B12880
 PCH6  CLA     BOTTOM-7      RESTORE LOCATION 0                     (25)F0B12881
       STO     0                                                    (25)F0B12882
       TRA     START+11                                             (25)F0B12883
       BSS     27            PATCH SPACE                            (25)F0B12885
END    BES     SIZE                                                     F0B12890
       DUP     1,17                                                     F0B12900
       PZE                                                              F0B12910
 LIMIT PZE                                                              F0B12920
       BSS     0           *** PATCH AREA ***                          $F0B12921
 PCH1  AXT     3,1            WRITE ERROR MESSAGE                      $F0B12922
       TSX     (TAPE),4                                                $F0B12923
       PZE     ERR+3,1,(WDNP)                                          $F0B12924
       PZE     ,,OUTTAP                                                $F0B12925
       TIX     *-3,1,1                                                 $F0B12926
       TRA     FERR+1                                               (22)F0B12927
 PCH2  AXT     6,1            WRITE OUT PANEL                          $F0B12928
       TSX     (TAPE),4                                                $F0B12929
       PZE     DSU+6,1,(WDNC)                                          $F0B1292A
       PZE     ,,OUTTAP                                                $F0B1292B
       TIX     *-3,1,1                                                 $F0B1292C
       TRA     WRPAN+1            TO STORE.                            $F0B1292D
       REM                                                              F0B12930
PCH3   SXD     LIMIT-17,4         SAVE ALL POSSIBLE IR*S               $F0B12931
       SXD     LIMIT-16,3         IN SEQUENCE                          $F0B12932
       SXD     LIMIT-15,5         X1,X2,X4,X3,X5,X6,X7.                $F0B12933
       SXD     LIMIT-14,6         .                                    $F0B12934
       SXD     LIMIT-13,7         .                                    $F0B12935
       AXT     0,3                LOAD IR*S TO                         $F0B12936
       AXT     7,1                TEST TAG MODE WE ARE IN              $F0B12937
       SXD     ICV4,3             .                                    $F0B12938
       TRA     PCH6          GO TO RESTORE LOC. 0                   (25)F0B12939
PCH4   SXA     ICV3,1             ... SET BUFFER POINTER.              $F0B1293B
       AXT     6,4                SET CAPACITY AND                     $F0B1293C
       TIX     ICV1,2,1           CONTINUE ON NEW BUFFER.              $F0B1293D
       AXT     PDC,2              FOR COMPLEMENT                       $F0B1293E
       SXD     ICV2,2             ALTER INSTRUCTION                    $F0B1293F
       TXH     ICV,1,0            AND PROCEED AS ALWAYS.               $F0B1293G
       TRA     ICV3+3             GO AND MATCH ORIGINAL CREATION.      $F0B1293H
PCH5   PZE     BUF2+20,4          BUFFER POINTERS                      $F0B1293I
       PZE     BUF1+20,4          .                                    $F0B1293J
       PZE     BUF3+20,4          .                                    $F0B1293K
       PZE     BUF+20,4                                                $F0B1293L
       PZE                   PATCH SPACE                            (22)F0B1293M
       PZE                                                          (22)F0B1293N
IOBOT  IORT    BOTTOM,,50                                           (22)F0B1293O
L(5)   PZE     5                                                    (22)F0B1293P
       BSS     BOTIOP-*           PATCH SPACE                          $F0B1293Q
 PDC   SYN     BOTIOP+64                                               $F0B1293R
 BUF2  SYN     ORGDP+1                                                  F0B12940
 BUF1  EQU     BUF2+20                                                  F0B12950
  BUF3 EQU     BUF1+20                                                  F0B12960
 BUF   EQU     DUMP1                                                    F0B12970
       END     -1                                                       F0B12980
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