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"The experience with Vlisp taught Chailloux that performance and portability can go together, and extending some of the Vlisp techniques, his group was able to achieve their goals. By 1984, their dialect ran on about ten different machines and demonstrated performance very much better than Franz Lisp, the most comparable alternative. On Vax 780's Le_Lisp performed about as well as Symbolics 3600's." [Steele and Gabriel 1993]

"A reduced but upward compatible version, LeLisp80, runs on Intel 8080/Zilog Z80 under CP/M [Chailloux 1983, Saint-James 1984]. This version is distributed in high-schools by the French Ministry of Education." [Chailloux et al. 1984]

Source code

  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp version 11, 1 March 1983. .tar unpacked

    "This version was running on 3 different architectures:
    1 - the first Motorola Exormacs workstation based on the 68k CPU and running the VersaDOS Operating System
    2 - VAX Unix BSD
    3 - SM90, a French workstation based on the 68k and running Unix V7 ( via"
    [Jérôme Chailloux, personal communication to Paul McJones, January 2, 2006]

  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp version 12, July 1983. .tar unpacked

    "This tar file contains the source of Le_Lisp version 12, aka LeLisp 80, as it was distributed, at the end of July 1983, in high-schools by the French Ministry of Education.

    The system ran on a lot of different 8080 or Z80 based architectures, with a 16k byte footprint, specifically on:

    1 - MDS80 (32K ou 64K)
    2 - MOSTEK 80
    3 - TRS80 model I level II
    4 - SDK80
    5 - SORCERER
    6 - IMSAI 8080
    7 - TRS model II
    8 - Heathkit 89
    9 - Machine Leblanc
    10 - Micral 80 22 G
    11 - SILZ (eleanor)
    12 - LOGABAX
    13 - Micral 90

    - src: the complete source of the system at the end of July 1983, as described in the reference manual: Online at

    - llib: the LeLisp 80 standard library including the screen editor, PEPE.

    - logo: a LeLisp 80 version of the programming language LOGO, developed by Isabelle Borne for the French Ministry of Education." [Jérôme Chailloux in README]

    "We skipped the version 13 for obvious, non scientific, reasons and the version 14 was ported on more than 10 architectures." [Jérôme Chailloux, personal communication to Paul McJones, January 2, 2006]

  • [Christian Jullien.] Le_Lisp version 15.26, 1 December 1993. Online at

    It is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License (see LICENSE.txt). From

    This repository contains a very large subset of Le-Lisp from INRIA.
    It mostly consists in:
    - the latest 'generic' source code material delivered by INRIA on 12 Nov. 1998
    - several ports made by ILOG and Eligis now also delivered using a common
      FOSS (See LICENSE.txt).
    From LISEZMOI:
    Le_Lisp  de  l'INRIA  version 15.26.6
    (bande de distribution de la version du 12 Novembre 1998)


  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp 68K : Le Manuel. Première partie : l'interprète. I.N.R.I.A., Novembre 1981, manuel provisoire 30 Juillet 1982. From Herbert Stoyan Collection on LISP Programming, Lot Number X5687.2010. PDF

    Scanned from a photocopy that was missing page 24; pages 23 and 102 appear to have been partially folded up.

  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp 80 Version 12, Le manuel de référence. Rapport technique no 27, I.N.R.I.A, Rocquencourt, France, Juillet 1983, 189 pages. Online at

    "Abstract: This document is the reference manual of the system Le_Lisp 80 (by INRIA) version 12. This system, designed for all the INTEL 8080- or Zilog Z80-based computers running the CP/M operating system, contains the interpreter, the Emacs like editor and the development tools of a new dialect of the Lisp language, called Le_Lisp."

  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp de l'INRIA : Le Manuel de référence. Version 14, INRIA, Rocquencourt, Novembre 1983, 190 pages.
  • Jean-Marie Hullot. CEYX-Version 15. INRIA - Rocquencourt, Février 1985. Rapport technique.
  • Jérôme Chailloux. La machine LLM3. Rapport technique RT-0055, INRIA- Rocquencourt, Juin 1985, 54 pages. Online at
  • Jérôme Chailloux. Le_Lisp 15 : le manuel de référence. I.N.R.I.A, Rocquencourt, France, 1985-1987.
    • Jérôme Chailloux (le manuel de référence); Jérôme Chailloux, Matthieu Devin, Olivier Guillaumin (la bibliothèque initial). Le_Lisp Version 15, Février 1985, 1ere edition.
    • Jérôme Chailloux (le manuel de référence); Matthieu Devin, Francis Dupont, Jean-Marie Hullot, Bernard Serpette, Jean Vuillemin. Le_Lisp Version 15.2, Mai 1986, 2e edition. PDF
    • Jérôme Chailloux (le manuel de référence); Matthieu Devin, Francis Dupont, Jean-Marie Hullot, Bernard Serpette, Jean Vuillemin. Le_Lisp Version 15.2, Novembre 1986, 3e edition.
    • Jérôme Chailloux, Matthieu Devin, Francis Dupont, Jean-Marie Hullot, Bernard Serpette, Jean Vuillemin. Le_Lisp Version 15.2, Mai 1987, 4e edition.
  • Jérôme Chailloux et al. Le_Lisp Version 15.25, ILOG documentation, December 1993. PDF


  • Jean-Marie Hullot. CEYX, a multiformalism programming environment. Rapports de Recherche RR-0210, INRIA Rocquencourt, Mai 1983, 13 pages. Online at
  • Jérôme Chailloux, Matthieu Devin, and Jean-Marie Hullot. LELISP, A Portable and Efficient Lisp System. Proceedings of 1984 ACM Symposium on Lisp and Functional Programming, Austin, Texas, pages 113-122. ACM DL
  • Emmanuel Saint-James. Recursion is more efficient than iteration. Proceedings of the 1984 ACM Symposium on LISP and Functional Programming, Austin, Texas, pages 228-234. ACM DL
  • Matthieu Devin. Le portage du système LE_LISP. Mode d' Emploi. Rapports Techniques No. 50, INRIA Rocquencourt, March 1985, 57 pages. Online at
  • Matthiue Devin, Eric Madelaine and Annie Ressouche. Application de CEYX à la construction de programmes sous forme de machines virtuelles. Rapports de Recherche RR-0408, INRIA - Rocquencourt, Mai 1985, 23 pages. Online at
  • Matthieu Devin. La Microprogrammation du Système LeLISP - Une Premiere Approche, Rapports de Recherche No. 441, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, September 1985. Online at
  • Lee C. Rice. LeLisp: A LISP Environment for VAX VMS. DECUS Chapter SIG Newsletters, Volume I, Number 1, September 1985, VAX 23-26.
  • Lee C. Rice. Le_Lisp: An Efficient Programming Environment for VAX Computers. The DEC Professional, Volume 5, Number 3, March 1986, pages 14-25.
  • Jean Vuillemin. Exact Real Computer Arithmetic with Continued Fractions. Rapport de recherche RR-0760, I.N.R.I.A, Rocquencourt, France, Novembre 1987, 189 pages. Online at


  • Jérôme Chailloux, Jean-Marie Hullot, Jean-Jacques Levy, and J. Vuillemin. Le systeme LUCIFER d'aide a la conception de circuits integres. Rapport de recherche RR-0196, INRIA - Rocquencourt, Mars 1983, 19 pages. Online at
  • Pierre Cointe and Xavier Rodet. Formes: An object and time oriented system for music composition and synthesis. Proceedings of the 1984 ACM Symposium on LISP and functional programming, Austin, Texas, pages 85-95. ACM DL
  • J.M. Hullot. Alcyone: la boite a outils objets. RT-0060, INRIA. 1985. PDF at
    An object-oriented toolbox for Le_Lisp.
  • SOS Interface
    • Jean-Marie Hullot. SOS Interface, un Générateur d'Interfaces Homme-Machine. In AFCET Informatique, editor, Actes des Journées Langages Orientés Objet, pages 69–78, 1986.

      Hullot went on to design Interface Builder for NeXT.

    • H. El Mrabet. Outils de generation d'interfaces : etat de l'art et classification. RT-0126, INRIA. 1991, 78 pages. PDF at
      "...SOS Interface est développée en Le-lisp sur Macintosh et utilise la boîte à outils par objects, Alcyone..." [Page 75]
  • Jacques Duthen and Yves Potard. Le_Loup, an Object-Oriented Extension of Le_Lisp for an Integrated Computer Music Environment. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 1987, University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois.


ILOG acquired Le_Lisp from INRIA and changed its name to TALK.


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