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UtiLisp (University of Tokyo Interactive LISt Processor)

by Paul McJones last modified 2020-04-20 10:32


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"UtiLisp, which is not well known outside Japan, is a Lisp dialect of classical MacLisp: eval top loop, shallow binding, dynamic scope rule interpreter, with macro and readmacro facilities.

There are four versions of UtiLisp:

  1. UtiLisp360 on main frame machines like Hitac M series, Facom M/S series, IBM 3000 series
  2. UtiLisp68 on MC68000 (24 bit address) for Sun 1, Macintosh etc.
  3. UtiLisp32 on MC68010, 68020 (32 bit address) for Sun 2, 3 and on Vax etc.
  4. UtiLisp/C on SPARC for Sun 4 and Sparc Station." [Wada 1990]

Source code

  • Takashi Chikayama. UtiLisp360. Modified for Michigan Terminal System by Michael Alexander around 1981. Tape 4 of the sixth distribution of the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) contains source and executable code for a version of UtiLisp/360 that has been modified to run under MTS. The relevant files are numbers 825 through 873 of, which can be extracted using the lbltp utility (for Microsoft Windows or Macintosh) included with the archived distribution.
    • Material from the Michigan Terminal System Dist-v4-26 June 2011 DVD submitted by Mike Alexander and available at the Bentley Historical Library (Ann Arbor). Online at
    • Distribution 6. ZIP archive at
    • UtiLisp files extracted from Distribution 6. ZIP archive
    • UtiLisp360 interpreter source code, modified for MTS. Online
    • UtiLisp360 compiler source code. Online
    • UtiLisp360 Lisp Assembly Program (LAP) source code. Online
    • UTILISP Manual. Online
    • H. Nakashima. Prolog/KR interpreter.
      • Source code (written in UtiLisp360). Online
      • Manual. Online
  • UtiLisp/C: versions retrieved from via Internet Archive on June 19, 2005.


  • T. Chikayama. UtiLisp Manual. Technical Reports METR 81-6, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Instrumentation Physics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo, September 1981.
    • UtiLisp in MTS. Volume 22 of the MTS Manual, University of Michigan, May 1988. PDF at
    • Texinfo version of UtiLisp/c manual accompanying version 1.1.3 .texi PDF



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